Social Responsibility

Changhong Italia sponsors culture and classical music
Changhong Italia to contribute to the project with their own TVs and producing videos in 4K. It is  cultural, pedagogical and educational project based on the main constitutional principles of the Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino whose objective is to diffuse the learning of music as an element of our education and training, providing young generations with everything that knowledge and human intelligence have been able to create. The “Sale Panoramiche del Castello Sforzesco” of Milan hosts the laboratory of crafts, through the Construction, Repair and Renovation of violins, lutes and guitars with the support of teaching videos. The Hall is located above the Museum of Musical Instruments, the same Hall that the Monzino family donated part of its collection to. The laboratory illustrates the construction phases of arch, pluck and string, with the objective of stimulating future generations and promoting the upswing of artisan work. The “Momento Musicale” is a musical performance by young talented artists that allow instruments to come to life through music.


Chonghong Italia Sponsors Fencing
Changhong Italy sponsored the eighth Trophy Garden, the twentieth Trophy Alberto Pellegrino and 2nd trophy Changhong saber (male and female). The event was held in the Fencing Hall "Salon D'Oro" of the Garden Society (Milan - Italy). The winners were awarded with Changhong TV sets and mobile phones.


Changhong Italia Sponsor Export 2015-Milan(Italy)
EXPORT is an event aimed at the educational process in schools through physical activities. The event was attended, with free registration, during the 2015 school year, 42,330 students from 228 schools. Changhong has sponsored prizes for the guys who have won races.

The event was organized by AVIS in collaboration with FICTS Italy with the support of the Centrale del Latte of Milan, the Lombardy Region, the Regional School under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Milan City Council, CONI, and FIDAL. The "Trophies of Milan" are inserted in the project "One week, All sports" approved by the Executive Committee of UESpT (Union Europeenne du Sport pour Tous).

Caring Employees 
Changhong group has more than 70,000 employees all over the world, among which overseas employees are more than 2,000 and retirees are more than 10,000. Changhong group respects employees’ right and benefit, fully implements labor protection and social welfare, always tries to care and help employees themselves and their family members when suffering from severe disease or other difficulties and promotes employees’ sense of belonging and happiness by increasing employees’ income, providing comfortable office environment and other means. 


GM Liu expresses sympathy for ill employees in hospital               Chinese chess competition         


                                  Tug-of-War                                                                 Women cheer leading competition

  Colorful employee cultural activities                                                     Changhong Carnival Dream Fund Arts PK


Environmental Protection
Changhong has created an environmental protection system to well deal with industrial emissions. It has also established an engineering technology center for the energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency in the production process. Every factory under Changhong takes energy saving and environmental protection as an important indicator for their product development. In early1990s, Changhong took the lead in environmental protection as the first company in China to produce fluoride-free compressors. In 2010, Changhong established Gerun Company which is engaged in the recycling of electronic waste. On this basis, Changhong has further developed its recycling industry involving plastic modification and granulating, PCB disposal,precious metals refining, soil restoration, etc.,thus creating a circular economy and promoting the ecological harmony.



Changhong Huayi is the world’s biggest fluoride-free compressor manufacturing base.



The number of waste household appliance disassembled by Changhong Gerun Company ranks third in China


Charity Donation 
While creating profits, Changhong group shoulders the responsibility of helping social disadvantaged groups and invests large sum of funds for charity donation every year.

2007 undergraduate education grant donation                       Giving education grant to students in Beichuan Middle School 

After the Wenchuan earthquake on 21st May, 2008, more than 1600  teachers and students of Beichuan middle school were settled down in Changhong training center, and cadidates were protected to participate the college entrance examination.